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A healthy fish tank indicates healthy and happy fish. Rutherford Pet Supply in Spindale Rutherfordton, NC has all the tools and the equipment to keep that tank in great shape. Our staff has the experience and understanding to answer your questions about aquarium maintenance and to help you select the best products to make the job a breeze. Anyone can keep a tidy and healthy fish tank. It's not a tough task, but it does call for routine attention and the best materials. There are routine day-to-day and weekly tasks in addition to the crucial job of tank cleaning with partial water modifications. On a daily basis, after you feed your fish, move uneaten food after about 5 minutes. Also, check your fish to ensure they are healthy and are behaving normally. Check the water temperature. Weekly, examine the pH, nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia levels. If it's a saltwater tank inspect the salinity. Also, check out equipment such as lights and filters to see that everything is functioning properly. How commonly should you clean the tank? How much of the water do you require to change? It depends on the dimension of the tank, the variety of fish, and whether it's saltwater. Typically, you need to switch out 10 to 20 percent of the water every 1 to 3 weeks. Rutherford Pet Supply can help you make a decision based on the specifics of your fish tank. Follow these steps in your regular cleaning: Prepare replacement water. If you make use of tap water, use a water conditioner to eliminate contaminants. For saltwater, you'll need unique reverse osmosis/deionized water. Disconnect electric components. Eliminate big ornaments. Siphon water into a bucket. Siphon along the crushed rock to eliminate the waste that collects there. If you correctly manage the flow with your thumb or a built-in regulator, waste will be sucked out and gravel will fall back into the tank. Remove algae. Utilize an algae-cleaning device to assist. Tidy your filter. For filters such as a sponge, ceramic rings, and fiber, rinse them in the water you eliminated and swiftly re-install them to prevent shedding crucial germs. Filters which contain carbon and various other absorbers will require to be regularly replaced. Include the substitute water. Clean your tank's outside with an appropriate cleaner and towel. As you can see, the right tools and supplies are important. The good news is, Rutherford Pet Supply in Spindale Rutherfordton NC understands what's required and is your one-stop for all your tank upkeep necessities. Call (828) 248-2336, stop into our shop, or visit our website to maintain your aquarium looking and performing its ideal.


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